About Us

Company History

What started off as a dream for a local distributions company and entrepreneur to venture into the beverage distributions and logistics business came to reality. When an opportunity presented itself to take up a prime region under the KBL/UDV market the management and stakeholders immediately vied for the right to be the distributor of choice for the said region.

Outlook Index Limited is a private limited company incorporated in the Republic of Kenya. We have been in distribution of Kenya Breweries products since 15th November 2016 and have recorded exponential growth in volumes for both Beer and Spirits, Net sales Value and Return on investment.

Our operations have integrated a high level of innovation particularly targeting growth of the spirits and RTD segment of the business. This has been witnessed in the distribution tools innovation to create more space for spirits loading in the trucks, increase loading and convenient selling through the UDV vans.

Vision Statement

To be the leading corporate in-service delivery and value addition to all our stakeholders.

Mission Statement

To drive growth in business with integrity and innovation, delivering customer satisfaction

Our Values

  1. IntegrityCourageously doing what’s right.
  2. Responsibility Self leadership
  3. Excellence Be the best you can.
  4. People DevelopmentUnleash your potential
  5. Innovation and CreativityBe relevant
  6. Fairness and EquityDo unto other’s what you would wish done unto you
  7. Teamwork and CollaborationTogether Everyone Archives More
  8. Commitment and OwnershipPassion and drive